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Wednesday December 13, 2023


Avocado in Pasta Dishes: Adding a Twist to Your Pasta with Avocado


 Pasta, a staple in many households, is beloved for its versatility and ease of preparation. But have you ever considered adding a twist to your traditional pasta dish with the creamy goodness of avocados? Not only do avocados add a unique flavour and texture, but they also offer numerous health benefits. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to elevate your pasta dishes by incorporating this superfood.

Avocado in Pasta

Why Avocado?

 Avocados are not just tasty; they’re packed with nutrients. Rich in monounsaturated fats, they help reduce bad cholesterol levels and are great for heart health. Avocados also contain vitamins E, C, and K, along with fibre that aids digestion. Their creamy texture makes them an excellent substitute for heavy cream sauces, offering a healthier and equally satisfying alternative.

Choosing the Right Avocado

 The key to a perfect avocado pasta dish is using ripe avocados. They should feel slightly soft when gently pressed but not mushy. To store avocados, keep unripe ones at room temperature and refrigerate ripe ones if not using immediately. When preparing, remove the pit and scoop out the flesh with a spoon, or slice it while still in the skin for a less messy process.

Pasta Pairings

 The type of pasta you choose can make a big difference. Long, flat noodles like fettuccine or linguine work well with creamy avocado sauces, as they provide a broad surface for the sauce to cling to. Short, tubular shapes like penne or rigatoni are great for chunkier avocado mixtures, as they catch pieces of avocado and other ingredients within their hollows.

Recipe Ideas

Here are a few simple recipes to get you started:

  • Classic Avocado Pasta: Blend ripe avocados with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, and basil for a quick and easy sauce. Toss with cooked spaghetti and top with cherry tomatoes and parmesan.
  • Vegan Avocado Pesto: Combine avocados with pine nuts, fresh basil, garlic, and lemon juice for a vegan twist on traditional pesto. Serve over whole wheat pasta and garnish with nutritional yeast.
  • Gluten-Free Avocado and Shrimp Pasta: Use gluten-free pasta and top with a sauce made from mashed avocados, cilantro, lime juice, and cooked shrimp.

Dressing Your Pasta 

To enhance your avocado pasta, consider adding garnishes like toasted pine nuts, chopped cilantro, or a sprinkle of chilli flakes for heat. Balance the creaminess with a squeeze of lemon or lime for acidity, and don’t forget fresh herbs like basil or parsley for a burst of flavour.

Section 6: Avocado Pasta in Different Cuisines Avocado pasta isn’t limited to Italian cuisine. In Mexico, you might find pasta with a spicy avocado sauce and black beans. A Japanese-inspired dish could include soba noodles with avocado and a soy-based dressing. Experiment with different ingredients and flavours to create your own fusion recipes.


Avocado is a versatile ingredient that can transform your pasta dishes into something extraordinary. Whether you’re looking for a healthier alternative to creamy sauces or simply want to try something new, avocados are a fantastic choice. So go ahead, get creative in the kitchen, and enjoy the delicious combination of pasta and avocado.

Have you tried adding avocado to your pasta? Share your favourite recipes or tips in the comments below. We’d love to hear how you’re making your pasta dishes stand out with this wonderful fruit!