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Monday April 10, 2023


Hass Avocado


Hass avocado is a popular variety of avocado that is also widely cultivated in Australia. In fact, it is the most commonly grown avocado cultivar in the country, accounting for around 80% of Australia’s total avocado production.


Australia’s climate is the perfect match for Hass avocados, making them an ideal crop in states like Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. These luscious green fruits are typically harvested between July and March each year – depending on where they’re grown – giving Australians plenty of time to enjoy their unique flavour!


Grown and enjoyed around the world, Australian Hass avocados are a beloved fruit for their rich taste and nourishment. From salads to sandwiches or breakfast bowls, these nutrient-packed treats bring both flavor and freshness anywhere they go! So make sure you look out for them in store shelves – your next meal is going to thank you.