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Monday April 10, 2023


Shepard Avocado


Introducing the Shepard avocado, an Australian-grown variety that’s a must have for any avo enthusiast! Unlike classic Hass avocados with their distinctive pebbly skin, Shepards offer up smooth textured fruit whose thin skins turn from green to pale yellow when ripe. Take your guacamole game up a notch and try out this delicious new twist on traditional favourites today!

The Shepard avocado has become a beloved icon of Australian culture, having only been introduced to the country in the 1970s. Originating in California during the 1950s, this relatively new variety is quickly gaining much-deserved recognition among growers and consumers alike!

Shepard avocados are a great addition to any grocery store! Their long harvest season (early autumn through late spring) ensures that consumers can always enjoy their favourite avocado dish. With consistent availability of delicious, fresh fruit throughout the year, you’ll never have to go without your guacamole fix!

Shepard avocados are beloved for their unique flavour and creamy texture, making them one of the most popular ingredients in dishes ranging from salads to sandwiches. If you’ve ever enjoyed a Shepard avocado, chances are it was grown right here in Australia – Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia all host farms producing these delicious fruits!

The Hass avocado is the top choice for many, but an increasingly popular option gaining ground Down Under is the Shepard – boasting its own distinct qualities and generous harvesting season. It clearly has Australians smitten!